A new BACK IN TIME concert!

A new BACK IN TIME concert at last! Featuring PRESS PLAY ON TAPE, SID80s, FastLoaders and hosted by Ben Daglish! Funded as a kickstarter, so make it happen and buy your pledge today: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/c64audio/back-in-time-brighton-15-live-stage-show-of-c64-mu

The event will take place in Brighton, UK, on June 20th 2015.




Live Concert in Copenhagen on Feb 14th 2015

At last we're playing live in Copenhagen again! Join us at the awesome rock-club High Voltage for a super hero dress-up-party on February 14th 2015. We'll be dressed up, we'll play rock'n'roll retro tunes, we'll have fun. So will you! Buy tickets via  billeto.dk and spread the word! Please like and share the Facebook event linked from the image below.

We are now on Spotify!

Yeah, we're now on Spotify! Search for PRESS PLAY ON TAPE and find our albums HOME COMPUTER and RUN/STOP RESTORE there. 

New web site

We have now ported our old website to a new CMS with a new layout. Hope you like it!

Yet another concert in November

We've invited as part of celebrating the 6th anniversary of Klub Golem in Odense (Fyn, Denmark) on November 23rd. The tickets are cheap - and even though its a place with goth regulars you are very welcome without dyeing your hair blue and being clad in black.

PPOT to play at CPH:DOX

On November 10th 2012 PPOT will be playing at CPH:DOX - also featured is the band Akira. See more on facebook or on the film page

Politiken TV

We were featured on Politiken TV as a part of their celebration of the Commodore 64's 30th anniversary (in Danish).

Whole interview from Assembly 2011

It's a while back (one year) but here it is:

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